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Film to DVD Conversion Melbourne

Video to DVD/USB

Our conversion services can take your valuable VHS,  audio cassettes and films and transform them to digital CD, DVD or USB media. Save deteriorating cassettes and space by converting your old libraries to new media. We offer competitive pricing and convert the following formats:

VHS to Digital Conversion Melbourne

Video to DVD/USB

If your precious memories are to be passed on for future generations, (or kept for yourself), it’s time to take action. Video tapes degrade much faster than most people realise.

Transferring tapes to DVD & USB before they lose quality is a reliable and cost effective way to guarantee a future for your irreplaceable memories.

Converting video to DVD & USB guarantees they will be watched long after the life of a videotape.  A VCR player is not as common as they used to be, if you happen to still have a home VCR it may not be at it’s best and many of our clients are going through the terrible experience of having the VCR “chew” their tapes up.

A Nice Guy is able to restore or rescue damaged tapes and capture the content regardless to all the problems.

  • VHS NTSC to DVD/USB ($80 up to 2 hours)
  • MiniDV to DVD/USB ($50 up to 2 hours)
  • MiniDV NTSC to DVD/USB ($80 up to 2 hours)
  • VHS-C to DVD/USB ($50 up to 2 hours)
  • 8mm videi ti DVD/USB ($50 up to 2 hours)
  • 8mm video NTSC to DVD/USB ($80 up to 2 hours)
  • Betamax to DVD/USB ($80 up to 2 hours)
  • Betacam to DVD/USB ($150 per unit)

Audio to CD/USB

As all films degrade and lose quality over the years, converting your Reel to Reel to CD/USB, audio tapes to CD/USB and records to CD/USB guarantees a future for those irreplaceable and wonderful memories.

I had an amazing moment hearing myself reading a book at the age of 5, many years later, was irreplaceable, I have to be honest I think I was pretending to read! If one tape can do it for me, I know how good you will feel converting all your collection to CD/USB and having them for the future.

  • Audio cassette to CD/USB ($30 per hour)
  • Audio reel to reel to CD/USB ($40 per hour)
  • Vinyl Record to CD/USB ($45)
  • Minidisc to CD/USB ($30 per hour)
  • DAT cassette to CD/USB ($50 per hour)
Audio to Digital Conversion Melbourne
Film to Digital Conversion Melbourne

Film to DVD/USB

I’m not too old and I still remember my family get-togethers around that loud 8mm film projector. We used to do it especially around birthday celebrations. The memory of me and my brothers fighting for the best seat is very strong, my sister never took sides!

Time passes by, and I now have my own kids. We can enjoy the old memories together as all our 8mm films are on a DVD & USB. We all have our own copies, but guess what we still love watching it together.

I know that like me, having the opportunity of sharing the memories with loved ones is important for you. A Nice Guy is committed to providing you with these moments.
Set up fee $50 3″/$15 5″/$50 7″/$70

8mm, 16mm 35mm film available.

Not sure what format your memories are in? No Worries!

Call Guy today and he can help you.

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