A little bit about Guy


Hi, my name is Guy Dvir-Ovadia.

As a commando officer in the army for 6 years, a teacher for 14 years, a father to 3 amazing boys and a husband, I know that I value watching my kids grow up on DVD, and I know that you would too.

I’ll happily share with you one of my precious moments…together with more than half a million people!

A video of my oldest son, Naveh, in 2007 on Australia’s Got Talent.

I took this as a mission to share these priceless family moments with you and I know how much you will appreciate it.

In 2000, my life time dream was reached, and A Nice Guy Video Productions was established, helping others to preserve their precious memories on DVD & USB.

We are committed to preserve precious memories
for years to come!

Why Choose Us

We understand how precious your family memories are and we treat them with care and respect.

Not only is Guy a nice guy, but he is also highly professional is every aspect of his work.

We have many years of experience dealing with data conversions and filming.

Our prices are fair and competitive. We are upfront about prices to avoid any ‘hidden’ costs.

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