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Convert film to digital Melbourne

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Convert your PHOTOS, OLD FILMS, VHS to DVD (or USB!)

A Nice Guy is proud to provide professional services 24/7 as we believe that the customer should receive the best product, for the best price, in the best turnaround time. That’s why we are trusted by many individuals and organisations.

Our conversion services can take your valuable VHS, films, audio cassettes and records – and transform them to digital files. Save deteriorating cassettes and space by converting your old libraries to new media.

We convert VHS to digital (or DVD), Betamax to DVD (or USB) Video to USB, DVD to Video, Film to USB, VHS to USB, VCR to DVD, Tape to MPG3, and Record to USBs.

We are able to convert all video and audio formats to USB and CDs and save your precious memories.

Convert Film to Digital Melbourne
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VHS to DVD? Beta to DVD? Film? Tapes? We convert it all! We can convert your memories stored in various formats into a safe digital format and provide it to you on a USB.

Need to capture a special family or work event? Guy is able to film your next special event so that you have the memories preserved.

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