DVD to MPG4:

All websites and YouTube support MPG4 format. I found it the best way to “run” out of problems, keep the high quality video low in size, I strongly recommend it. I do it myself all the time. If you watch the video clip and follow the bullet points you will create the perfect MPG4 file ready to be uploaded onto the web.

1) Download MPEG Streamclip http://www.squared5.com/
2) Open the DVD using MPG Stream Clip
3) Use “Fix Timecode Breaks” to fix this stream
4) Proceed * You can select a segment by position the play line on the start and press I (for In) then position the play line on the end part and press O (For Out)
5) File › Export to MPG4
6) iTunes › (please Select a preset)
8) Quality › %100
10) Frame Rate › 25
12) Make MPG4
13) I recommend saving your new file to an external drive, to help your computer work faster.

Enjoy your video clip on the web.