DVD to avi (DVD to QT):

Few weeks ago I received a number of calls, asking me how to convert the family DVD to a file that can be edited. I know it is a sign for me not just helping few customers, but all of you in need. I thought I’ll prepare a small presentation that you can all use when you need to create your own video presentation. As a self taught individual, with a degree in Education not technology, I won’t use any complicated instructions. I will help you step by step to successfully create the avi file you need for further editing (Quick Time files are good only for Mac and will not work with PC programs). If you watch the video clip and follow the bullet points you will create the avi file successfully. Happy editing! In this video clip I will guide you step by step how to convert A Nice Guy Precious Memories DVD into a video file that allow you to do farther editing.

1) Download MPEG Streamclip http://www.squared5.com/
2) Open the DVD using MPG Stream Clip
3) Use “Fix Timecode Breaks” to fix this stream
4) Proceed * You can select a segment by position the play line on the start and press I (for In) then position the play line on the end part and press O (For Out)
5) File – Export to AVI
6) Compression – Apple DV–Pal
7) Option – Aspect Ratio – Select 4:3 16:9
8) Quality – %100
9) Sound — Uncompressed
10) Frame Rate — 25
11) Frame size (Confirm the automatic selection)
12) Make AVI
13) I recommend saving your new file to an external drive, to help your computer work faster. Happy editing.